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  • Safety

    Visibility improves safety. Be seen in great looking gear.

  • Confidence

    Knowing others will see you for peace of mind

  • Healthy LIfestyle

    Daily exercise for the mind, body and soul.

  • Kind to Earth

    Cycling: clean, green and sustainable.

About Monkeysee

Hi! I'm Elisha, and I have a passion for sustainability and an environmentally conscious approach to life.

One simple way to reduce impact is to switch from driving to cycling for the daily commute.

Riding a bike is fun and healthy, but can be scary on busy city streets, especially at night.

Monkeysee was born out of the need to be visible and feel safe, without compromising style!

At Monkeysee you will find bike lights, jackets, waterproof backpack covers, bags, and our most popular product, our reflective harness.

We cater to commuters, lycra warriors, runners, hikers and dog walkers concerned about safety.

Come and take a look!