Ride2Work Day

Ride2Work Day

National Ride2Work Day held annually in October is Australia's biggest celebration of commuter cycling.  

Cycling to work, school or university is a cost-effective form of transport and allows you to exercise before and after work without a visit to the gym. Riding can help reduce stress and avoid the anxiety of being stuck in traffic or on packed public transport, not to mention is better for the planet by reducing our carbon footprint.

The main objective is to normalise the idea of riding to work and to encourage more everyday people to swap their car keys for a bike. It’s an opportunity for people to find out more about the benefits of riding their bike and for the community at large to get involved in supporting this activity.

At Monkeysee we share these values and hope that more organisations support employees with the amenities needed to encourage commuter cycling. Most importantly we want everyday riders to feel safe and confident on their bikes. Adding hi-vis and reflective gear is a simple and effective way to ensure all road users can see cyclists, helping to improve safety and enjoyment for all.

To learn more visit Overview | Ride2Work | Bicycle Network and register for this year's event!

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