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LED Arm/Leg Band


Top of it's class. An award-winning LED band

With long run-times and a super bright red LED this light will make your presence known in low light and dark conditions.

Lightweight and comfy to wear, it comes with an adjustable elasticated strap and Velcro fastener to ensures you get a snug fit and the light remains firmly in place.

Weatherproof, durable and with a wide angle of visibility its ideal for cycling, running and walking.

  • 300 MTRS distance visibility
  • 02x operating modes flashing and steady
  • 100 Hrs Battery run-time in flashing mode
  • 70 Hrs Battery run-time in steady mode
  • 02x CR2032 batteries with easy to change silicone cover
  • Length of main light panel 18cm
  • One Size fits
  • Minimum Circumference is 26cm 
  • Maximum Circumference is 44cm