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Superior glow LED light - Circle

4 in stock

Uber cool high tech performance lights

These advanced design lights designed in Japan are real attention seekers and anything but ordinary.

Not just great to look at and contrary to their size, these lights give off a superior glow due to Chips on Board (COB) LED technology, which means it's perfect for all traffic scenarios. LIMITED supply.

  • Easily mounted by Velcro straps
  • Rainproof
  • Bulb COB Red LED
  • Run time Constant mode 72 hrs/ Flash mode 84 hrs
  • Brightness 20 lumen
  • Attachable size dia. 20-64mm, circumference up to 200mm 
  • Size 35 x 51 x 53mm
  • Weight 25g (w/battery)
  • Battery CR2032 x 2 pcs
  • Fits Seat-post and Aero Seat-post
  • sizes velcro straps included
  • Easy on/off button